Remote Monitoring for Cancer Patients

Thalman simplifies the management of cancer outpatients.

Effortlessly monitor patient vital signs and symptoms whilst they are recovering from treatment in the comfort of their own home.

Intervene, before there is a problem.

Thalman is developing a sensor enabled platform for the remote monitoring of cancer patients undergoing treatment and recovering at home. Our novel sensor technology monitors the patient 24 hours a day for the first signs of an adverse reaction to their treatment or an infection, notifying the healthcare provider if their condition starts to deteriorate. Our goal is to facilitate patients spending less time in hospital and more at home. Consider Thalman a personal and proactive support team during their cancer treatment and recovery journey.

Meet Sensyu°, the sensor transforming the 150 year old fever management paradigm.

For the past 150 years, it has only been possible to measure core body temperature manually with a thermometer. This thermometer approach restricts healthcare providers to reacting to fevers when they are already a problem. Sensyu continuously monitors core body temperature with accuracies similar to rectal temperature probes (a gold standard) to identify the earliest signs of fever, enabling the earliest possible intervention.

Discreet, easy to use sensor.

Unlike thermometers, Sensyu's ability to continuously monitor core body temperature and other important vitals enables healthcare providers to remotely monitor immunocompromised patients for the first signs of infection (fever) whilst at home.


Place a double sided 3M hypoallergenic adhesive on the back of the device.


Remove the other side of the adhesive and place the device on the patients chest - just below the collarbone.


Sesnyu wirelessly transmits the patients data to a receiver which then syncs with your patient records.

Patient & Caregivers

Built with the Patient in Mind

Sensyu° gives patients and caregivers complete peace of mind. They can go about their normal routine knowing that their condition is being continuously monitored by sophisticated algorithms designed to detect the earliest signs of a potential infection.

Clinicians & Nurses

Timely & Accurate Patient Data

No longer will infection detection be based on patient self monitoring and symptom reporting, which can often lead to delays in the patient receiving treatment. Sensyu removes the risk of human error and ensures the alarm is raised immediately when the first clinical signs of an infection manifest.

Healthcare Providers & Payers

Treat Patients at Home

Gone are the days patients have to be hospitalised just to monitor their condition. Sensyu's remote monitoring capabilities will enable patients to be continuously monitored at home whilst giving providers more data to enhance their risk stratification capabilities. Enabling the earlier detection of patient complications, reduced readmissions and earlier discharges.

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