Body Temperature Reimagined

Core Body Temperature Reimagined.

Changing the way core body temperature is measured forever.

Shifting the paradigm

Comparing single, periodic manual measurements of body temperature to a 'fever threshold' has remained an unchanged standard practice since its introduction in the 1800s. As a result, body temperature's full clinical and wellness related utility remains completely undeveloped.

Thalman Health believes in deltas, not thresholds. Continuous tracking of body temperature over time coupled with sophisticated data analysis will unlock the potential of this forgotten vital sign. It is time to shift the paradigm and take body temperature analysis into the 21st century.

the untapped vital sign

Heart Rate


Body Temperature

Blood Pressure

An abundance of clinical research suggests that the analysis of longitudinal body temperature data can yield powerful physiological insights for health and fitness applications.

However, unlike the other three fundamental vital signs, convenient continuous tracking of body temperature has never been possible until now.

Discreet, Easy to Use Wearable

Non-Invasive and Wireless

Sensyu° is the first wireless sensor that continuously measures core body temperature non-invasively from the skin surface. Sensyu's multi patent pending technology allows it to accurately measure core body temperature from the temple or sternum with the same accuracy as an invasive rectal temperature probe.

21st Century Data Analysis

Act Early vs React Too Late

Currently body temperature is used to confirm illness when it is already too late. Sensyu° facilitates identification of abnormal trends of patient data before patients are obviously ill, enabling potentially life saving early intervention.

Equivalent to Invasive Probes

Proven Accuracy

After 2 years of R&D, the multi patent pending Sensyu° technology has been proven as clinically equivalent to the gold standard: rectal temperature probes.

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